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Identity Crisis

I just saw a video where college students could not explain why a short white man was not a tall asian woman and an article to go with it, and it got me thinking. I'm genuinely fascinated by this subject and thought experiment, and I feel compelled to write about it. So what do I think?

Well for one thing, I think those college students just haven't fully thought through the implications of their beliefs. This is something known as cognitive dissonance and it is something everyone is guilty of to some degree. I myself have found a lot of conflicting beliefs in my mind that I had to sit and think about for a while before resolving. It's really easy to come to believe that one thing is the way things should be without actually applying it to any of your other thoughts and behaviors - this often results in hypocrisy. (Though, you can be hypocritical without having relevant cognitive dissonance). It's also possible to believe two conflicting ideas at once without ever real…