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Micro Libraries and Monoliths

The internet is abuzz with the kik controversy and the 11 lines of code from left-pad that, when removed, 'broke the internet'. This whole thing is fascinating to me, and I feel compelled to talk about it.

Kik is a registered trademark, and trademarks are a thing for a reason. Also, companies are required to defend their trademark or they will lose it. I'm not a lawyer, so that's all I can say with certainty. Now, you are not at all related to Kik and you make an NPM package called kik. Then you are asked to rename it because Kik wants their name. How would you respond? Personally, I'd recognize that I'm in over my head already and just go ahead and pick a different name. The legalities of the situation are beyond my comprehension, but I have a strong feeling they are not in my favor. That's not what happened, though. The real kicker? None of this would have happened if packages were namespaced under their owner's name (what I consider to be 'sane&#…