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Why I don't use Linux

Prepare for a rant about backward compatibility.
Despite being a programmer that primarily works in C++, I'm a Windows user. I'm not ignorant though, I know my way around Linux thanks to VMs and Travis CI. I'm not particularly happy with Windows - it's a nightmare for developing C++ - but I just can't see myself using a Linux operating system full time or even part time. Windows does one thing right that Linux does wrong: programs are self-contained.

On Windows, when you install a program, all files that are not temporary or specific to any one user go into a single folder. Don't want that software anymore? I would say just nuke the folder, but there are freaky things like the Registry, Services, Shortcuts, etc. that are really best dealt with by an Uninstaller. So Windows is not perfect. But in my opinion, Linux has it worse: when you install an application, files get distributed everywhere. There's /bin, /sbin, /usr/bin, /opt/, lib folders, etc. and it ma…