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Travis Rant

I need to rant.

Travis is Continuous Integration software for GitHub - as you push code to your repository, it builds and tests it for you using a script you configure yourself. It works great...if you're using tech from half a decade ago. It's horribly outdated, and the only solution is to update its software yourself in your script.

I primarily write C++, and I pretty much always use modern C++ (C++11 and C++14). Setting up travis for my projects is an absolute nightmare, and I'm giving up. Travis is falling way behind in the world of C++ and I'm tired of fixing their machines for them.

Travis uses CMake 2.8.7 when CMake 3 has been out for ages.
Travis uses clang 3.4 when clang 3.6 has been out for ages.
Travis uses gcc 4.6.3 when gcc 5 has been out for ages.

It is completely unacceptable. The particular versions of software that Travis uses seem to have been specifically hand-picked so as to make it impossible to compile C++11 or C++14 code. One has to manually upda…